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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Village Of Doors~ Sidi Bou Said~

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Come and Walk My Streets~

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~ Beautful, Colorful, Sidi Bou Said~

Sidi Bou Said is a village of whitewashed buildings adorned with beautiful doors decorated by artistically designed hobnails . The buildings look as if they are piled upon one another spilling down to the sea.
It is very refreshing to look down from the top of the hill and see the cobblestone streets that are dotted by these artistic designed doors, bazaars,and touristy shoppes and cafes.
The doors draw you to investigate the courtyards in front of them ,where you might be entertained by cats of different sizes and colors. I am enamoured by these street urchins who roam the alleys looking for a handout wherever they might find a caring soul. Cats here are not usually pets here, but are put to work to keep pests at a minimum.

~Meet me At Sidi Bou Said~

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