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Sunday, January 15, 2012

From Italy into the South of France ~ The Sweet Life ~

We bade our goodbyes and boarded the train enroute to the South of France and the French Riviera.

My wish was to return to Antibes and stay there for a while to get to know
the town and live life there... Well... we were able to stay five days and lounge around and really explore!
Our mode of transportation was basically par pied~ We wandered and wandered about and made wonderful discoveries about this little town.

I always gravitate to the 'OLD TOWN' and feel the ambience of the culture there. There is a charm in the old town as you stroll down the streets which are mostly pedisterian walkways. There is a fantastic port on the edge of town where hob nobbers moore their multi-million Euro yachts as they enjoy the good life at local restaurants and clubs before they lift anchor and head on down the coast.
One of the wonderful things about Antibes is that there is a most wonderful market filled with wonderful foods,cheeses, and vegetables, as well as soaps and antiques. I imagined myself shopping for the daily needs for meals and stocking the kitchen for our stay here.
If one would want to make Antibes a home base, you should secure your apartment or home early for best selection. We ended up staying at a local hotel in the old town which served us well for the time we stayed.
The weather was wonderfully warm and balmy. We were able to enjoy the stretches of beach and swim in the silky water.
Our hikes were lengthy and included city streets as well into the beautiful hills surrounding the coast, Cap D' Antibes.