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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Pisa ~

Pizza ~ Pisa

Pisa is just an hour train ride from Florence.
This trip was our third visit to this interesting city.
We previously had driven into the city of Pisa, just muddling around and with luck found the walled in old town.
On this visit we arrived by train, walking through the city and walked to our hotel near the torre or tower. After setteling into the hotel we walked a bit further up the street to the piazza. Steve had me walk the last few steps with my eyes closed and as I entered the piazza, he told me to 'look'. I opened my eyes and there she stood at her charming, promising angle!!

Just receintly sandblasted, she shone brilliantly against the blue sky.
The piazza has an 'Old World Charm' in that the buildings surrounding the Church, Baptistry and Tower are rustic in color and charm. The vendors take away from the antique feel somewhat by blocking the buildings in the far court, but it still feels as if it were hundreds of years ago.
We spent the day sitting on the lawn and people watching as well as snapping hundreds of pictures of you guessed it, the tower. How many pictures can one take of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in one day ?? 250 ??
~ Oh, to be a traveler of miles ~ A visitor to this place read about only in books ~ To sit on the green grass and drink in the history and the beauty the artichect worked so hard to achieve ~ Glorious to the eyes, splendid to the heart, lovely to the soul ~
This time we climbed to the top! It was amazing to step over the threshold of the portal onto the base of the Tower of Pisa ~
Immediately you could feel the pull of the angle that the tower leans. You felt off balance as you began the ascent of the 200 plus steps that rose circurally around the center of the building. Half way up you were directed outside and along the railing for a divine view. As you were climbing on the high side you could litterally feel the angle and pull of the gravity.It was the oddest feeling!
As we neared the top we realised that there was a bell tower at the top. Futher up at the uppermost top was a platform for a view point which gave the most exhillerating feeling!
Capucchino the next morning in the cafe sitting in front of the splendid Leaning Tower~ Brilliant!!