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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dreams of Far Away are Being Breathed into Exhistance ~

And so the adventure begins with  dreams being fulfilled ~

If you could choose anywhere in the world to see, where would that be?
There are so many beautiful places that we have visited, but many more that we want to see.
Our dream is to find that one spot and make it our own~ Perhaps to return again and again and live there in our hearts~ Traveler's spirit in our hearts.

I really don't think that we could move ourselves to a European home, but I dream vicariously through many others who have made this their reality~
 What fun to make an abandoned stone building your own and make it into your dream home,
seen in magazines and posted on Blogs?

I believe that I will have to keep returning to my favorite places and rent for a time, then return to be near my loved ones~ I don't think that I can leave my loved ones~
I have five Grandchildren who I enjoy watching discover life daily, and it would be too difficult to dismiss this experience in my life ~It would be to heartbreaking to miss out on their growing up!  The trips away from them have been lonely, and their feelings of wondering where we are and why we aren't home?

One year, my Oldest asked us  to call him from the top of the Eiffel Tower and thus we did. Holding back the tears I spoke with him doing as we had planned~ How many kids get a call from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Our little Grand-daughter asking in that phone conversation innocently, "Have you see Madeline?"  Another time, using 'Skype' our third, just a toddler, unable to talk, positioned herself in front of the computer screen, so that she had the best view of us. The other two  trying to see over her little head. I didn't think that she would understand the situation, but she did as she just grinned her toothless grin back at us as we spoke to her~  Those are subtle hints that there are true love connections and we must keep them alive!

Maps out,  computer on, calendar open, it is truly time to schedule these dreams and plan return trips to our beloved towns~ To sit  in the outdoor cafĂ©'s and sip our coffees and taste our crepes, to become the people watchers, to enjoy the view and look out together upon our lives and discuss where we have been and where we are going in the future!

Travel keeps us together and young at heart~