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Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Bella Vernazza~

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Our Bella Vernazza~ Before the Devistating Flooding~

A few views of bella Vernazza before the disasterous flood~
Arriving at the train station at the top of the town brought an exhillirating feeling as we returned for the 5th time to feel the relaxing belonging to her piazza~
We entered along with the throngs of tourists who have discovered this beautiful part of Italy.
Usually we would have been greeted by a citizen of the town and led to a room or camera, that is rented out, usually many available. This time we were not. We made our way down to the piazza hopeing that our dreams would not be dashed. We found da Martina B&B in the corner of the Piazza and found residence. This is the second time we have been blessed with harbor and piazza views, where everyone gathers and enjoyes the ambiance of the town.
There are several restaurants that face the harbor and throngs of visitors gravitate to watch the sun sink into the Mediteranean, applausing at it's last beam is swallowed up.
I basked on the beach and watched the children play in the sand beyond the wall of the piazza, small fishing boats bobbing teathered to their bouys in the harbor.
We licked gelato and walked along the waterbreak and climbed her stairs to the top of the hill for a glorious view of the tops of the town~ The weather perfect,rather summery~ so happy to be back.
That was just three weeks before the devistation.
Now I cannot believe what the town is going through. Not only the dammage, but the loss of town's people.
Always welcoming and tollerant of the throng of guests engulfing their town, the people of Vernazza have great hearts and a grand vision. They have lost much, as most buildings along the main avenue were drowned completely up to the second floor. They are digging out.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Devastating Flood in Cinque Terre'

As posted, October 3rd, we reposed in the beautiful Cinque Terre'. We enjoyed three days in this most beautiful place. Vernazza is our town.
On October 26 , the reigon waas bombarded with heavy rain and massive flooding,turning our dear fishing village into a massive mud slide from it's vineyards upon the mountains and hills surrounding, down thorugh the street decending to the harbor, a mighty river flooding up to the top of the train station platform, bringing dirt, rubble as well as cars through the village and out to the water's edge and into the harbor, filling it full of debris.
I sat horrified watching video clips and with tear filled eyes as our village was devistated, my heart is broken for the community.
I present this video to you in hopes that you might help.
We stayed with Guiseppi at the B&B in the piazza by the harbor. I will post the e-mail address for Martina and her family shortly.

Cinque Terre Flood-Vernazza