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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Every Day is Laundry Day ~ Somewhere

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The Long Hike Up to the Top of the Village~

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The Room With A View~

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Beautiful Colored Umbrellas~

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Our Room~

Our room is in this raspberry building that faces the beach and harbor. Top floor, to the right of the curtained window, overlooking the colored umbrellas~
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Piazza~ Vernazza

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The trail to Montorosso al Mare by Flip Flops

Unfortunately,I was forced to hike in flip flops because the 'Earth Shoes' I bought for the hiking trip injured my archilles tendon.
When I called them after arriving home, corporate refused to give me a refund for these pricey shoes! Byer... BEWARE!!!
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From Florence to Vernazza~ Cinque Terre'~

From Florence on to Vernazza, Cinque Terre'~ the Five Lands ~ The villages, like jewels spill into the sea~
Our little vacation from our travels~
Comfortable walking down the strada, enjoying the passeggaiata every evening. Meandering between other tourists that were drawn to this beautiful piece of Italian coastline~
Every evening we sat at the harbor on the rocks and watched the sun sink into the blue Ligurian Sea~ The crowd's applause for yet another glorious October day, more like summer than autumn.
Swimming in the silky sea lifted by the bouyancy of the salt content, I was so happy to be able to experience the feel of the water and enjoy the refreshing coolness after lounging on the small harbor beach as the children spalshed and played in the sand building sand castles.
Hiking the trail and enjoying the vistas of the distant towns beyond, enjoying the beautiful aquamarine color of the clear water, and to be back in a place that surroundes us so comfortably~
The community of citizens living in these five lands, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornigilia, Vernazza, Montorosso al Mare, continue on with their everyday life and work, mixed in with the hustle and bustle of gawking, camera toteing tourists, rambling through the back lanes behind the Monolith buildings edging the piazza~ if one dosen't wander or snoop, one does not know the inner working of the village, and as we wander, it does not seem to bother them that we are trying to get a peek into their lives, wishing to become part of their "big happy family".
For me it's pictures, pictures, pictures~ Colors, shapes, what's in the shadows, on the doorstep, up the sweeping steep stairs that take you to the top of the village~The laundry~hanging, socks, underware, pants, towels, and sheets stretched across the back alley lanes from building to building~ enchanting~ Just what is needed for intrest in a photo~
We had a lovely restful time with a beautiful view on the piazza looking over the colored umbrellas at casa Lilli, in the raspberry building with the green shutters!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Florence~ Italy"s Crown and Glory~

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Florence, Italy's Crown and Glory~

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If Venice is Her Necklace ~ Florence is Her Crown and Glory~

Firenze~ her given name and blessed by those who clled her their home town, and those who bid her call and follow~
There is something very special here in this city~ I know because I have been called back to her many times and I never tire of her beauty. It is rustic, modern, full of art and majestic~
One can busy themselves darting from museum to museum to see the hand of the master's, or quietly and austerely gaze up at the beauty of the genus of the archect who fashioned the first modern dome, and awesomely gaze up at the artist's hand who painted the inside of the Duomo. If you want to, you can climb between the walls of the masterful dome and stand out on its top and look over this grand city and all it's glory!
The outside of the Duomo is most beautifully covered with white,pink and green marble carved majestically and topped with terra cotta tiles that set the stage for the most awesome, stunning, view. Standing in the piazza along side is the Baptistry, with it's amazing doors depicting Bible scenes, and the Bell tower.
I know the I cannot take in all of the beauty that this Piazza gives to those who walk in the shadow of this magnificent piece of art, as I am constantly trying to get the perfect picture each time I walk past. I cannot fathom what it must have been like to see this church, as massic=ve as it is waiting for the completion of it's dome and how far away one could see it standing in the distant, calling to the people to come and worship~
There are other great masterpieces to be seen in the city~ Michalengelo's David, his
masterpiece, a remarkable flawless beauty, carved and polished. Incredible to view, but no pictures!! Fountains, and the Ponte Vecchio bridge ,the countless storefront windows with the latest fashions, not to menton the models on the street! It is all there~
If you want to be in the middle of it, you can be. If you want to stand back and take it in, you can do that too, looking over the city at the Piazza Michalengelo, where you can have the most wonderful panarama view of this beautiful crown and glory of Italy's, whose name is Florence~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

From the Tilt to the Top~ Pisa!

Did Someone Say Pisa? Yes, I'd Like a Slice!

Pisa~ just a quick stop at the station and a 15 minute walk and you are there! Walking into a most beautiful sight.
I believe that weather conditions have a lot to do with the vision of the Bascillica , Baptistry as well as the Tower. Certainly a blue sky is in order, but add white puffy clouds to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a beautiful memory.
This is our third visit here, and with this visit we decided that we would climb to the top,so we could cross it off our bucket list.
15 Euros , $20.00 each is a hefty price to climb this tower, but when you come to think about it, it does help pay for the upkeep, and to keep it from sinking further into the ground!
It was an incredible feeling walking over the threshold onto the foundationat the base of the tower. Immediately, you felt the slant of the foundation.As you started climbing the circular stairway you were drawn outward on the tilted side as if you were on a tilt -a-whirl at a carnival!As you rounded tht top most part of the tower as you continued upward you felt the force of heavy gravity upon the steps. And the steps as well have become heavily worn by others
who have walked before .
What an exhillerating feeling reaching the top of the tower and stepping up and out on top for the view and to see the lip of the tower tipping off to the side! i was nevver in fear of the height, and I do have that fear. It was a lovely view, and I must say that if you have the chance to climb to the top~ do not hesitate~ This treasure has been with us for centuries~ Make it one of your memories! You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Venice~ Beautiful Necklace of Lagoon and Canals~

Venice is a city that must be traversed either by boat or foot~

At first one needs the map to get acquainted with the land, and then it's not necessary to go by it, but put it away and explore!

Over the bridges of canals, through the spendid lanes of mazes you go ducking into what looks like an a darkened alley~ Should you dare to go? If you do, you find the most wonderful view of a hidden canal, but you are not the first to find it, someone is sitting on the little bridge resting and enjoying the view just like you~

The gondolas glide past as silently as a whisper~ Dreamily you gaze at the beauty of this art of navigation through these narrow passageways. Veince! To be a spectator and a participatant of such a spectacular place~

When we first planned our trip to Venice, The Piazza San Marco was but something that I had heard of and never seen~ Now it is in my heart. To View the early night fall there is truly a vision to behold. The Venitian blue sky against the vibrant white marble Bacillica and all her adornments are magical!

I will never forget the full moon rising over it, and long once again to wittness this.

Yes, truly Venice is adorned with the jewels of her mouthblown glass orniments, Canals and ebony gondloas gliding upon the green surfaces of her waters~

One MUST come and view her lovliness, at least once in a lifetime, if not twice~