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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Come Away With Me ~

Bella Italia and Dreams of Far Away was fashioned upon my travels abroad. Not only about our escapades in Italy, but other fabulous countries.
Unfortunately when the travels began, the digital age had not dawned upon the casual camera in hand traveler, and my photographs were catalogued on film.
Receintly I was digging through a trip that featured England.
It is my pleasure to take you there today~

I have always had a heart for the United Kingdom and it's castle ruins, sheep dotting the hillside and the romance of Kingdoms, Jane Eyre, and English Countryside. 
When traveling to the British Isles, I liken it to Alice's 'Through The Looking Glass.' Landing in this green land, it's language twanged with the proper pronunciation of words, driving down small lanes edged with tall hedge rows, one knows they are no longer in Oz!
 It once took us asking for directions four times to get the jist of which way we should set out, and that was for the person raising his hand into the air and pointing in the direction we needed to go!

I have always dreamed of living in the English countryside and feel  the quaint town atmosphere~

To listen to the cow bell jangle as they move slowly around the pasture. The sheep bleating  and the lambs coming to attention as we approach~

To wander on Castle estates where royalty roamed the grounds,
enjoying their leisure~
Where one view through the arch of the ruin, turning around and looking directly behind,


       There is another beautiful view~  

A romantic garden where one would love to sit and contemplate the day~

All in all, give me a stone wall around a stone cottage with a gate and arch with a flowering vine climbing upon it, a host of yellow daffodils bowing in the breeze and welcoming me home~

There is a charm in the English countryside~

Wouldn't you love to be invited in for a cup of tea and a visit?

An opened gate ALWAYS invites company  ~