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Monday, January 17, 2011

In The Beginning~

In the beginning my husband and my first adventure took us to North Africa.

I am the daughter of a Naval Officer, having traveled around the United States throughout my younger years, I arrived in Southern California, and lived next door to my future husband.
When we first started dateing there was a Doors album that had a song that ended with the lyrics, ~Remember when we were in Africa?~ We laughed and said we would have to go to Africa, so that we could say that to each other.
A few years later we married and little did we know that as we joined the Peace Corps, we would be assigned to Tunisia, North Africa, where we lived 8 months outside the city of Kariouan.
Our first home provided a grand stage for my practice in capturing what I saw and felt in my heart and viewed through my lens.

I hope that you will come along on my journey as I share my travels through excerpts of my travel journals and some of my favorite pictures.
~ And now, we truly do ~Remember When We Were In Africa~


Anonymous said...

What did you do in NA Mom?

Donita said...

And so the lyrics of the song come to life. Or is it that life becomes the song? Keep on singing!

erika said...

I love the newspaper clipping! David looks so much like dad... never really realized that before. I would love to read about some stories of your time in Tunisia here:)