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Friday, March 4, 2011

~ A Day Out Amongst The Roman Ruins~

While traveling through the country on day trips we were taken by a beautiful town by the name of Dougga and the remains of a Roman city, with one of the most impressive views of a ruined city of the past. . As we approached by foot we passed the massage amphitheatre where many a Roman sat and listened to their leaders give directives for their lives and perhaps sit for entertainment.
Walking further on, being followed by beggar children, approaching with hand out, "Donne'moi argent!", 'Give me money!', we walked along the carefully placed cobblestones that were rutted by the continuous weight of chariot wheels carrying people to and from the city. It amazed me to see this, but what was even more impressive was the mammoth Temple of Saturn rising high above us, built in AD195. As we walked and stood amongst the pillars there at our feet was the remains of a statue that had been defaced by having it's nose knocked from it. It made us feel as if we were Lilliputians!
When surrounded by buildings of such mass I marvel at the work involved in transporting the stone, the carving and erecting of these works of art left for us to stare at in amazement.

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