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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Germany~ Dreams of Castles on the Rhine River and Half Timbered Villages~

We took the train from Belgium to Kloblenz, Germany and then on along the Rhine River to Bacharach, a little half timbered village situated along the Rhine.

We took a 1 hour Rhine boat cruze from Bacharach to St. Goar.This provided us a lovely view of the river and villages situated along it's banks.

The castles are placed upon the tops of the mountains that hang over the river so as to protect the lands they oversaw. Protection for the people and reigon was their first concern as well as their land, and with the wide vista they had great vantage points to see the enemy approaching.

Up we climbed to view the ruins of Castle Rheinfels. Beautiful views were enjoyed as well as the lovely cruse along the river~The landscape is vineyard terraces which made lovely patterns along the hills.
the village of St. Goar and Bacharach were charming with their construction of half timbered homes and buildings. Most buildings were adorned with beautiful wooden window boxes spilling over with geraneum flowers that welcomed you to take as many pictures as you were willing. This area is well known for the cuckoo clock and in many shops thery were on display. So many to choose from little Bavarian maidens dancing around,to your usual birdie bobbing his head to anounce the time.

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