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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Wanderings of Dreamers~

Today we aere taken away to a beautiful Chateau in the country with our beautiful hosts. The Chateau de la Hulpe, the home of a famous chemist, Solvay, who donated his estate to the city for all to enjoy.
As you enter the estate of the Chateau, the long drive invites you to wander further and discover the beauty admidst the manse of trees that have stood centuries and lakes with swan and geese and water fowel gently a float giving the sense of a peace one searches for in life.

The Chateau sits on the top of a rise, stately owning the property, and draws you to it's balcony to gaze over the vast property of green lawn and oak trees.
Squirles frolic and collect acorns to store for winter snacks, and we delight in this simple thing.
We were invited to investigate the gardens and further, the lake behind the estate.
Later~ we enjoyed coffee and chocolate,chaud on the patio of Lake de Genfal to reflect upon the day~

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