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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ahhh, Venezia!

Having three days in Venice seems a bit elaborate, however, there is so much to see and so much ground to cover, and on foot, that one must carefully plan out a trip here.

We decided to stay outside Venice in the nearby town of Mestre. Over the years we have found Hotel San Carlo to be a gem of a place to lay our heads after a full day of walking the islands.
They provide a hearty breakfast and can provide the needed Actv card for entry to this "E" ticket adult Disneyland.

The Actv card provides bus access as well as vaparetto, water bus passes to wherever you wish in the Venetian area. This helped us to be able to get on and off as we pleased and go wherever we wished by just waiting for the water bus to arrive and drop us off at the stop.
Lately, the cruise ships are making a 'bee line' to Venice, and Venice is aparently ready for them, as they have built a new cruise terminal as well as a pedestrian bridge welcoming these sea farers upon dry land.
We have had the experience of watching these mamouth ships being escorted in and out of the harbor. They seem to dwarf anything near, and those magnificent tall towers that were built ages ago, for great vantage point and safety, have been be-littled by these giants !

Day one we headed for two small islands in the Venitian lagoon, sometimes missed by the unknowing without a tour or a heads up: Murano and Burano.

Murano is a tiny copy of it's big sister, Venice. It's colors mock her's and canals run through her small land. Her claim to fame is that the Venetian glass blowing factories lie within her. From her come millions of Euros of beautiful art, hand blown glass beads,chandeliers and jewelry are but only a few of the products made and sold here.

Burano, our favorite little place is known for it's lace making and there is a school of lacemaking in the large piazza near the church. She too has canals on her tiny isle.
Burano is like a multi scooped ice cream cone. Every color imaginable has been painted on the outside walls of these homes that hold the population on this tiny island. Tangerine orange, to fushia, pink to lavendar as well as raspberry and lemon yellowand marine blue! I saw a white house and marveled at the plainness of it next to such extravagant colors!
Burano lifts your spirits and makes you happy!

We saw a quote painted on a tile placed on a lemon yellow house that said,"Color is like music, it uses shorter way to come to our senses to awake our emotions".
We always marvel at the patience and non-chalant way the people of Burano live amongst the throngs of tourists who come to walk her streets and by ways, snapping pictures to bring a little of the sunshine kept here back home ~

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