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Saturday, October 8, 2011

If Venice is Her Necklace ~ Florence is Her Crown and Glory~

Firenze~ her given name and blessed by those who clled her their home town, and those who bid her call and follow~
There is something very special here in this city~ I know because I have been called back to her many times and I never tire of her beauty. It is rustic, modern, full of art and majestic~
One can busy themselves darting from museum to museum to see the hand of the master's, or quietly and austerely gaze up at the beauty of the genus of the archect who fashioned the first modern dome, and awesomely gaze up at the artist's hand who painted the inside of the Duomo. If you want to, you can climb between the walls of the masterful dome and stand out on its top and look over this grand city and all it's glory!
The outside of the Duomo is most beautifully covered with white,pink and green marble carved majestically and topped with terra cotta tiles that set the stage for the most awesome, stunning, view. Standing in the piazza along side is the Baptistry, with it's amazing doors depicting Bible scenes, and the Bell tower.
I know the I cannot take in all of the beauty that this Piazza gives to those who walk in the shadow of this magnificent piece of art, as I am constantly trying to get the perfect picture each time I walk past. I cannot fathom what it must have been like to see this church, as massic=ve as it is waiting for the completion of it's dome and how far away one could see it standing in the distant, calling to the people to come and worship~
There are other great masterpieces to be seen in the city~ Michalengelo's David, his
masterpiece, a remarkable flawless beauty, carved and polished. Incredible to view, but no pictures!! Fountains, and the Ponte Vecchio bridge ,the countless storefront windows with the latest fashions, not to menton the models on the street! It is all there~
If you want to be in the middle of it, you can be. If you want to stand back and take it in, you can do that too, looking over the city at the Piazza Michalengelo, where you can have the most wonderful panarama view of this beautiful crown and glory of Italy's, whose name is Florence~

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