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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If It's Tuesday~ It Must Be Belgium~

That was the title of a movie years ago~
We have moved on to Bruges, a charming midieval city,full of enchanting archetecture and chiming bell towers, as well as beautiful lace and scrumtious chocolate! What more does anyone need?
The clip clop of the horses hoves on the cobblestone pavement in the old city takes you back to days gone by~16th century Europe. Now Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Her buildings being saved from wartime bombing.
Bruges is quaint in that there is are canals running throughout the area and darling bridges crossing that provide beautiful views of the old buildings.
The roofline seems as if stairs are provided to step across the eves from one home to the next. Add some potted flowers in front of the homes and you have a dream place in which to take hundreds of photographs, which I have managed to do~
Add chocolate, lace to the mix and you have a beautiful place to walk and explore.

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