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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Dream Begins~ Off to Romantic Paris~

Ice Cream Boquet

Park Notre-Dam and flowers

Notre-Dam Cathederal

Arrival at Notre-Dam

We arrived early afternoon to cloudy skies and mild temperature.

Once settled in our flat that we rented thru Airbnb we set out to see our dream come true, once again~ Paris~

We boarded the Metro and headed out to Notre- Dam Cathederal. There she stood stately guarding the Sene River as ever. Tourists gathered in the square in front of her massive doors beckoning them in to see her divine beauty!~

There is a calmness and a peace felt as you enter into her open arms welcominng you to come and feel tranquility and a time with the Lord if you realise that He is there amidst the throng of visitors looking for the beauty and joy the delight of the eyes captures. You take it all into your senses and thus into your heart. It is captured as if you are the camera lense, captivating it forever in your mind and soul~

After exiting, we head down the street to the park behind the Cathederal for a crepe and to sit and watch the children play in the garden along the Sene River. The flowers bloom beautifully there and the bees are singing praises for the nectar they collect to later turn into honey~

~ Ille De La Cite' where Notre-Dam stands was the first area of Paris built ~ Along with Ille Saint Louis in 1664~ We wandered it's small cobbled streets and peeked in store front windows,decorated to our delight so tastefully~ on to Amorino Ice Cream shop for a cone made to look as if you are holding a bouquet!

We then walked along the Seine River viewing the Cathederal and on along towards the Tour Eiffel!~

Her Majesty draws us closer and closer with the anticipation of splendor~ we are so delighted that she still stands, for the sight of the tower is incredible and simply delightful!~

We kiss directly under the base then look up to see her underskirts and marvel at the decorative art work of the ironworks that have held her up for so many people to climb~

We wait for the lighting of the tower sitting upon the grass at the Parc du Champ de Mars along with many more waiting to view the most beautiful sight to see, Sa Majeste' la Tour Eiffel~

~ So many wonderful pictures taken today and tonight! ~

But, ask yourself, how many pictures of the Eiffel Tower are too many? ~

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