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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Did Someone Say Pisa? Yes, I'd Like a Slice!

Pisa~ just a quick stop at the station and a 15 minute walk and you are there! Walking into a most beautiful sight.
I believe that weather conditions have a lot to do with the vision of the Bascillica , Baptistry as well as the Tower. Certainly a blue sky is in order, but add white puffy clouds to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a beautiful memory.
This is our third visit here, and with this visit we decided that we would climb to the top,so we could cross it off our bucket list.
15 Euros , $20.00 each is a hefty price to climb this tower, but when you come to think about it, it does help pay for the upkeep, and to keep it from sinking further into the ground!
It was an incredible feeling walking over the threshold onto the foundationat the base of the tower. Immediately, you felt the slant of the foundation.As you started climbing the circular stairway you were drawn outward on the tilted side as if you were on a tilt -a-whirl at a carnival!As you rounded tht top most part of the tower as you continued upward you felt the force of heavy gravity upon the steps. And the steps as well have become heavily worn by others
who have walked before .
What an exhillerating feeling reaching the top of the tower and stepping up and out on top for the view and to see the lip of the tower tipping off to the side! i was nevver in fear of the height, and I do have that fear. It was a lovely view, and I must say that if you have the chance to climb to the top~ do not hesitate~ This treasure has been with us for centuries~ Make it one of your memories! You won't be sorry!

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