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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Venice~ Beautiful Necklace of Lagoon and Canals~

Venice is a city that must be traversed either by boat or foot~

At first one needs the map to get acquainted with the land, and then it's not necessary to go by it, but put it away and explore!

Over the bridges of canals, through the spendid lanes of mazes you go ducking into what looks like an a darkened alley~ Should you dare to go? If you do, you find the most wonderful view of a hidden canal, but you are not the first to find it, someone is sitting on the little bridge resting and enjoying the view just like you~

The gondolas glide past as silently as a whisper~ Dreamily you gaze at the beauty of this art of navigation through these narrow passageways. Veince! To be a spectator and a participatant of such a spectacular place~

When we first planned our trip to Venice, The Piazza San Marco was but something that I had heard of and never seen~ Now it is in my heart. To View the early night fall there is truly a vision to behold. The Venitian blue sky against the vibrant white marble Bacillica and all her adornments are magical!

I will never forget the full moon rising over it, and long once again to wittness this.

Yes, truly Venice is adorned with the jewels of her mouthblown glass orniments, Canals and ebony gondloas gliding upon the green surfaces of her waters~

One MUST come and view her lovliness, at least once in a lifetime, if not twice~

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