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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Tucsan Sun Story

My story of Cortona, the Under the Tuscan Sun Village, happened at this precise spot, the wall overlooking the Piazza della Repubblica on a spring day.
 We bought geletto and sat on the wall overlooking the square and watched the people going about their day.
In the store front window below, was an advertisement for a newly written book by Francis Mayes, Under The Tuscan Sun~

Unaware that Cortona and the surrounding Tuscany would weave her magic spell upon me,  I licked my dripping cone, enjoying the scenery, then walked back to the car to continue our tour of the hill towns.

Shortly after returning home I read the book and thus began my hunger to become part of this town, by visiting once again and staying longer to make it my own~
The film soon premiered, and as I had the Tuscan fever, I had to view. To my surprise there was Francis sitting on the same wall as I had where she writes the post card for the young man!
Immediately I was called to return one day.

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