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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Under The Tuscan Sun ~ Part 2

When we planned our trip to Italy, my focus was to stay a while in Cortona.
I started my search for accommodations in and around Cortona. I searched VBRO and there were two interesting accommodations that were an apartment with a lovely view of the valley from the hillside of Cortona, and a lovely cottage~ Il Palozone~
Having finally secured the cottage I was quite excited, having had two years to plan and read up through Frances Mayes beautiful books on Tuscany and place myself  as a passenger in her car as she drives through the Tuscan countryside, the olive trees shimmering silver as the sun hits their leaves on her day trips around Lake Trasimeno featured in her book  Bella Tuscany.
The day arrived when we drove up the dirt drive and into the farm.
After settling in, we were up for a hike into town. we climbed up through the hills to the road and followed it through the park. As we walked into town attention was drawn to the shop keepers as we passed the windows and doors opening for business, dress shops, antique vendors,caught my eye as their "artique", shone through their displays.
We walked into the Plazza della Republica once again, feeling as if we knew it just possibly a bit more than the first visit~
A wedding had just ended and the steps to the city building were lined with bridesmaids, flowers and guests congratulating the family. In awe that they were here witnessing the beauty of love, and the beauty of this place ~ We just sat on the wall above it all and drank in the scene .
 We were truly here, our dreams had been realised ~

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